Romania is located in the central-east part of Europe. It is bordered by Ukraine (north: 362 km, east: 169 km) and Moldova (450 km) in the northeast; Hungary (443 km), Serbia and Montenegro (476 km) in the west and Bulgaria (608 km) to the south along the Danube River. Geographical location of Romania: between latitudes 43 37 07 and 48 15 06 North and longitudes 20 15 44 and 29 41 24 East. Romania is the second largest country in the area, after Poland. Romania extends approximately 300 miles North to South and 400 miles East to West.

The southern border with Bulgaria and Serbia is formed by the Danube, as is the border with Ukraine. Prut river is the natural border between Romania and Moldova and thats about it when it comes to borders and major rivers. Other Romanian rivers worth mentioning are the Mures and the Olt in Transylvania and Oltenia and the Siret river in Moldova. The Danube forms a Delta in Dobrogea, flowing into the Black Sea.

The Carpathian mountain range is divided into three parts in Romania: the Oriental Carpathians (easternmost, the Meridional Carpathians (central) and the Apuseni (Occidental) Carpathians (westernmost). About a third of the country consists of the Carpathian Mountains (also known as the Transylvanian Alps). Another third is hills and plateaus, rich with orchards and vineyards. The final third is a fertile plain, largely devoted to agriculture.The Fogaras mountains are located in the Meridional Carpathians and these mountains have the highest peaks in the country, the Moldoveanu Peak (2544 m) and the Negoiu Peak (2535 m). The central Transylvanian Basin is separated from the Plain of Moldavia on the east by the Carpathian Mountains and separated from the Walachian Plain on the south by the Transylvanian Alps.

Romania`s territory features splendid mountains, fertile plains and numerous rivers and lakes, beautiful rolling hills. Forests cover over one quarter of the country and the fauna is one of the richest in Europe including bears, deer, lynx, chamois and wolves. The Danube River runs through the country, from northwest to southeast. The legendary river ends its eight-country journey at the Black Sea by forming one of the biggest and most interesting wetlands in the world, the Danube Delta.

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Mountains: 31% of Romania's territory
Hills and orchards: 36%
Plains: 33%
Areas covered by rivers and lakes: 3.7 %
Total number of lakes: 3,500
Lakes greater than 250 acres: 300
Highest mountain peak: Moldoveanu Mt. 8,349 ft. (2544 m.)

Total: 237.500 km 2
Land: 230.340 km2
Water: 7.160 km2
Coastline: 225 km

Maritime claims:
Territorial sea: 12 nm
Contiguous zone: 24 nm
Exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
Continental shelf: 200-m depth or to the depth of exploitation

Elevation extremes:

Lowest point: Black Sea 0 m
Highest point: Moldoveanu 2.544 m


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