Romanian cities


It is the capital of Romania with its 2,6 million of inhabitants. It became the capital of the country in just 1862. This is a living metropol with its 37 museums, 22 theatres, concert halls, opera house, 18 art galleries, jazz clubs and hip nightclubs. The second largest building of the world can you find here, which is the Parliamant Palace called also People`s Palace. In the city you can meet with lot of buildings which were designed by French architects from the late 19th century.

Some buildings and landmarks from the city:

The Arch of Triumph:
It has been built of the memories of Romanian soldiers who lost their life in the I. World War. You can not miss the beautiful view what you can see from the top of it!

Cantacuzino Palace:
It was the palace of Romanian Prime Minister, Grigor Cantacuzino, who wanted to have a really elegant bulding for himself. It has been built in a combined style. In this French eclectic and neoclassic palace nowadays you can find a museum.

The Romanian Athenaeum:
The buildingof the concert hall looks like an ancient church but it has been built in the end of 19th century. The biggest part of the necessary sum to build was given by the Romanian people.

The Royal Palace:
It has been built in neoclassical style and was the home of the Romanian royal family until 1947. Nowadays The Romanan National Art Museum can be found here.

Revolution Square:
The square has been known as the place of Ceausescus final moments in power. In this big square you can find the Royal Palace and Romanian Athenaeum also.

The Military Club:
It has been built in neoclassical style in 1912. It has given home to the Romanian army`s cultural and educational needs. The biggest part of the building is closed to visitors, but there is a restaurant and also a summer terrace for tourists.

The Old Princly Court and Church:
It is in the old city center and has been built by Vlad Tepes. From the original building you can see some walls, tombstones, a Corinthian column. Nowadays it is a museum with coins and pottery as evidences of ancient inhabitants of the city.

University Square:
It is one of the most popular square in the city. Here you can find the University of Bucharest, the Bucharest National Theatre, Coltea Hospital (from 1704.) with its church and the Sutu Palace what is holding the History Museum.

Parliament Palace:
It is second largest administrative building of the World. It has been built in 1984.

The most important churches are the followings:
Apostles’ Church (one of the oldest church in the city), Metropolitan Church, Stavropoleos Church, St. Joseph’s Church, St. Nicolas Church, Yeshoah Tova Synagogue.

In Bucharest you can also find some parks where you can relax a little while you are discovering the city.


This modern-built city is the capital of Arad County. It is an industrial center and the seat of the Romanian Orthodox bishop. Here you can also find 2 universities.

In the city there are many things to visit:

- Arad Fortress
- City Hall
- Administrative Palace
- Neuman Palace
- Ioan Slavic Classical Theatre
- National Bank Palace
- Bohus Palace
- Szantay Palace
- Cultural Palace
- Closca Street
- The Old Theatre
- Water Tower (medieval dungeon)
- The Old Custom House
- The House with Padlock
- The St. Peter and Paul Serbian Church
- St. Simon Monastery
- St. Anthony of Padua Cathedral (roman catholic)
- Red Church (evangelical – lutheran)
- Neolog Synagogue
- The „Birth of Saint John the Bastist” (romanian orthodox)


The city was founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211. Brasov with its 320.000 inhabitants is one of the biggest city of Romania. The historical attractions and various architectural monuments make the city one of the most visited one in the whole country.

You have to see the following monuments and places if you visit Brasov.

The Council Square with Old Town Hall and The Black Church:
The Square is in the heart of the medieval Brasov, ambrassed with red-roofed mercant houses. There is a tower, which is called also Trumpets Tower, and it has been built in 1420. Anciently it was a watchtower to control the barbarian attacks towards the city. The Tower what you can see nowdays is 58 m high. The Black Church is one of the most important landmark of the city. Originally it was a catholic church dedicated to Virgin Mary, but in the period of reformation it became a Lutheran church. It has been built between 1385-1477, on the place of an earliest church which has been destroyed by the mongols. The church`s Black name comes from the 17th century when most of the buildings of the city has been ruined in the Great Fire. The recovery took 100 years. It has 6 parts which are bulit in mixed architectural styles between gothic and renaissance.

Brasov’s walls and bastions:
The walls and the bastions have been preserved quite well. Inhabitants started to build them in the early 12th century. Seven bastions remained. The bastions: Graft, Blacksmiths, Weavers, Ropemakers, Drapers, Furriers, Gun Powder.

Gates of Brasov:
The old fortification had 3 gates which were also bastions in the same time. Just 2 survived the heavy periods of history: Ecatrinas Gate and The Schei Gate.

The Citadel Fortress:
The Citadel has been destroyed many times, but its recent condition dates from 1630. People left it as time passed, but nowadays you can find a working restaurant here. Do not forget to throw a coin into the well to have good luck.
- Schei district, which is the old part of Brasov, with cobblestone streets and houses from the 17th century. Do not miss to visit this particular district of Brasov.

Other churches:
Saint Nicolas, Saint Bartholomew, Holy Trinity, Franciscans Monastery, Roman-Catholic Cathedral ("Saint Peter and Pavel"), Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, The Synagogue, Saint Martin Church, Orthodox-Greek Church.

Art Museum, Ethnographic Museum, First Romanian School, History Museum, Muresenilor House, Sport Museum.



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