Romanian drinks

The main drink in Romania is wine as it is the 9th major producer of wine in the world. The climate of the country is hospitable to the production of many different types of wines, from dry, sparkling whites to rich, aromatic, purplish reds. Wines what you can find in Romania are Pinot gris, Pinot noir, Italian Riesling, Merlot, Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel as foreign wines and there are also others types which are at home in Romainian vineyards. Romania offers many opportunities to visit wine-producing regions and to discover and sample the many different wines of Romania, from little known local and regional wines to Romanias great wine labels, such as Murfatlar, Cotnari, Jidvei, Dealu Mare and Odobesti.

As Romania is the 2nd largest producer in the world of plums and almost the entire production of plums are used in order to produce a traditional drink, "tuica" (a potent alcoholic beverage). Usually, there are three grades of tuica. The strongest comes out of the still at first (55-65 % by alcohol volume) is generally kept as sanitary alcohol. The normal one, about one half of the production would recognize as proper tuica (about 40-50 % alcohol by volume). The weak is the last which comes out of the still (about 5-15 % of alcohol.) "Tuica" has different types as „Ochii lui Dobrin" (made from the plums that grow on the hills of Pitesti city), "tuica cu fruct" which contains fruit, generally a pear or an apple. (The fruit is growing in the bottles which were put on the trees in spring or early summer). Do not forget „Horinca”, which made from apple or pears.

The other popular alcoholic drinks in Romania is the beer. Romanians prefer a Pilsener-style lager. In Timisoara you can find the oldest brewery of the country which has been opened since 1718. The traditions of beers have been brought to Romania by the Saxons. One of the most famous Romanian brand is Ursus from Cluj Napoca. Some other beers are Silva Strong from Reghin, Valea Prahovei from Azuga, Ciuc Premium from Miercurea Ciuc and Bergenbier from Blaj.

In Romania you can find also serbet commonly made from flower petals, fruit, nuts or vanilla. Socata as a soft drink, is also popular (Elderflower Cordial). The people here drink traditional Turkish coffee and also herbal teas. As Romania is rich in natural waters you will find many kind of good quality mineral waters.


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