Romanian foods

In Romanian kitchen, the local history and geography are fully reflected. The variety of the relief offers a reach assortment of fruits and vegetables, substantially different from one region to another. The same time, the neighbors and colonists - especially in Transylvania - imprinted a delicious influence on the local cuisine. Romanias traditional food sees touches of Turkish, Hungarian, Austrian, and other cuisines, but over the years, these dishes have become just as traditional as the oldest Romanian traditional foods. The main ingredients used by Romanian chefs are meats such as pork, beef and lamb, fish, vegetables, dairy products and fruit.


In the romanian cuisine called „ciorba” and can be made with or without meat or also with fish. "Ciorba de perisoare" (meatball soup), "ciorba taraneasca" (vegetable soup, with or without meat), "ciorba de burta" (tripe soup), „zama” is a green bean soup with chicken, parsley, and dill, „borsh de miel” (sour soup containing pieces of lamb), „ciorba tzaraneasca” (meat and vegetable soup peasant‑style).


"Saramura" (salty, grilled carp in brine), "nisetru la gratar" (grilled Black Sea sturgeon) or "scrumbie la gratar" (grilled herring), „muschi poiana” (consists of mushroom- and bacon-stuffed beef in a puree of vegetables and tomato sauce), „peşte marinat” (marinated fish), „plachie din peste” (river fish with vegetables). .


"Tocanita" or "tochitura" (meat stew seasoned with onions and/ or spices), „ghiveci” (over 20 vegetables cooked in oil), „sarmale” (pickled cabbage leaves stuffed with a mix of minced meats, rice and spices) and „mititei” (The "Wee Ones" - small skinless grilled sausages) are among the favorites.


"Papanasi" (cottage cheese donuts, topped with sour cream and fruit preserve), "clatite cu branza" (crepes filled with cottage cheese, raisins and spices) and "cozonac" (traditional holiday sweet bread filled with walnuts, poppy seeds or cream cheese), „Şarlotă” (a custard made with milk,eggs,sugar, whipped cream, gelatin,fruits and lady fingers; from the French "charlotte"), „Prăjituri” (assorted pastries), „Mucenici” (a sweet bread, shaped like an 8, made out of boiled or baked dough, garnished with walnuts, sugar or honey, eaten on a specific day throughout the year), „Amandine” (chocolate sponge cake filled with almond cream), „Cremă de zahăr ars” (Créme caramel/ créme brulée), „Turtă dulce” (gingerbread).

In Romania you can also find fast food. There is McDonalds and Pizza Hut. You will find international restaurants as Italian, Chinese or Mexican.


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