Where to stay?


Hotels are licensed and periodically inspected by the Licensing and Compliance Department within the Ministry of Small Enterprise, Trade and Tourism:
Directia de Autorizare
Calea Victoriei 152
010096, Bucharest 1 ROMANIA
Telephone: 021 - 20.25.220
E-mail: autorizare@mturism.ro

General informations:

Most hotels in Romania offer a breakfast buffet at no extra charge.
Hotel rack rates include room charge and sales (VAT) tax.
Hotels in Bucharest charge an additional city tax which is 3 percent of the room rate for one night, regardless of the length of the stay.
Hotels in most mountain and sea resorts charge a small additional local tax.
Hotel rankings in Romania rely heavily on the diversity of facilities offered, such as an on-site restaurant or swimming pool.
The level of service and attention to detail may or may not be reflected by the number of stars/ class category.
The world tourism industry has been shaken up by an accommodation concept called boutique hotels. Boutique hotels has been made for people with extravagant needs and desires. Initially, the concept of such a hotel relied on the idea of providing privacy in a non-traditional intimate hotel atmosphere.

Five Stars (Deluxe)

Five-star hotels offer the highest level of accommodations and services.
The hotel lobbies are sumptuous, the rooms complete with stylish furnishings and quality linens. Several restaurants are on premises and room service is usually available 24 hours a day. Amenities include pools, fitness center, valet and/or garage parking.
Concierge service is also available to assist guests.

Four Stars (Superior)

Hotels in this category tend to be large, formal properties with large reception areas.
The level of service is well above average and guest rooms are well furnished.
Restaurant dining is available and may include more than one facility.
Room service is usually offered during most hours. Valet parking and/or garage service typically is provided, as are concierge services, bellhop service, fitness center and pool.

Three Stars (First Class)

Typically, these hotels offer good accommodations that include well-appointed rooms and large lobbies. Bellhop service often is not available. The hotels usually feature medium-sized restaurants with breakfast through dinner service. Room service availability may vary. Fitness centers and pools are sometimes provided.

Two Stars (Moderate)

Two stars usually denote independent hotels offering decent amenities. The facilities typically include telephones and TVs in guest rooms. Some hotels offer limited restaurant service; however, room service and bellhop service usually are not provided.

One Star (Economy)

Furnishings and facilities are clean, but basic. Some rooms might have a shared bath. Most one star hotels do not have a restaurant on site but are usually within walking distance of good low-priced dining options.
Romania mainly in countryside and traditional villages offers bed and breakfast (usually called "Pensiune"). These are rated with daisies, from one to three. If you see three daisies be sure that it is the best rating. These accommodations generally are cheap, clean and you can know a little bit how is the daily life for the people in the romanian villages. By this houses you can taste the fresh farm products.

Luxury hotels:

The luxury hotels as Four Seasons Hotels are already not appeared in Romania. In the higher categorized hotels you can find various facilities, they have resturants, bars, swimming pool(s), fittness possibilities and some hotel offers also wellness services like sauna, jacuzzi, massage, spa therapies as well as business facilities.

Resort hotels

It is not easy to find resort hotels in Romania. There are not so much like in other countries. Generally we can say the the romanian hotel resorts are similar to the internationals but it is not sure that you will find special services for the children. The extra services are more or less the same, the romanian resorts offer swimmingpool, jacuzzi, sauna, massage as well as spa or fittness possibilities.


All over the country you can find guesthouses. The tourist like this form of accommodation because they have possibility to know better the people, the daily life and the customs.

These houses are clean and you do not need to spend lot of money. Also in the little guesthouses you can find internet access, in the bathrooms the owners like inbuilt also hydromassage panel but it is not general. The houses show the taste of the owner, some occassions simply furnitured.  They are offering also meals – dependig house to house if it is just a breakfast or also halfboard – which has been made traditional way, so you can taste the local, house-made dishes.



in Romanian: TVA - Taxa pe Valoare Adaugata.  A sales tax (TVA) of 19 % is added to all retail sales, hotel stays and meals served in restaurants. It is usually included in the prices posted in stores, hotels and restaurants. Like in many countries hotels charge an additional tax (0.5% to 5% depending on the class of hotel). VAT Refund offices you can find at any Romanian border crossing point.

Service charge:

The entrance fees not cost so much. Generally cheaper than other European countries. You do not need to spend more than 5 Euros. The hotels prices including the TAX and generally also the rich breakfast. The prices of the restaurant are various dependig where and what you would like to eat, the prices are similar to european ones. In the capital of the country the hotels and restaurants prices can rich also the west european prices! The daily life is cheaper but for the fuel charges are more or less on the same price level like everywhere in Europe.  For the transportations you will pay less than in West Europe. In some shops and stores xou can pay also with Euro as well as US dollar or other freely convertible currency. You can call taxis by phone and you can recognise the legal ones about its Taxi sign on the roof of the car. They have fixed tariffs and it is quite cheap. Before you would like to travel with them for a longer way it good to agree in the price. If you need taxi car you can hailed them also on the street.


In the hotel after a week or longer stay you can give about 6-8 Euros, for a day 1 Euro for hotel maid will be appreciated. On the reception or for concierge you can let 3-5 Euros tipping in the case if they made reservations or booking tickets but it is not obligatory. In the restaurants the bills contain also the service but if you let 5-10% as tip it will be appreciated. For hairdressers and massage terrapists 10-15% is the general tip. If for the bellboy you let 0,50 Euro and for parking valet 1 Euro they will be content. For taxi drivers it is not required to give tip but if you are content with their service and you let tip, it will be appreciated.


It is not sure that all touristical attractions you can reach or you can reach easily. In the last years to ensure this possibilities improved quite well and it remains the prior things to ameliorate. At the same time you must not forget to check that the choosen accommodations can provide all particular service what you need. Generally in the big hotels you can find special services, mainly in upper classes hotel. In the little guesthouses usually you can not find particular services.


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